Workshop - A small story


In a small, almost forgotten corner of Amager, Copenhagen beach park, lies a recently revitalised industrial neighbourhood.

Hidden away in this interesting place is the discreet building: Ved Amagerbanen 11B, which is where House of Design is located.  House of Design is filled with fine, architect designed furniture, both classic and, at the same time, exclusive.

The owner, Lars Hildebrandt, became a trained cabinetmaker in 1979, the conclusion of many years study and training at the renowned Rudolph Rasmussen factory / college / workshop; it was here his respect for traditional Danish furniture craft was instilled.  Over the ensuing years he has enthusiastically, lovingly and accurately restored fine pieces to their former glory, for auction houses, private customers, and other leading shops selling classically designed furniture.  Lars feels it is vital that each piece retain it's originality, colour and integrity, and that it should remain as authentic as possible.



House of Design has a large workshop, with a staff of highly trained, professional cabinetmakers.  They are aware of the history of each piece, and all have a deep passion for, and commitment to, their craft.  Here, amongst the dust and the smell of wood and oil, the dreams of the mid 20C Danish architects are once more made reality.

There are several showrooms to wander through and enjoy, each bursting with fantastic tables, chairs, and settees etc., from a time when Danish architect design was the epitome of desirability in furniture for the home; under Lars' careful eye, these lovingly restored pieces, with their fine lines and flamed surfaces, become so once more, reminding us that the soul of a truly great piece of work, in the hands of a skilled and passionate craftsman, will indeed shine through forever.